Purchase guidance

Buying a house is a big step in your life. Not only does another house become your new home, but buying a house also brings along large financial consequences.

But how do you know you are making the right choice? And who will guarantee you that you don’t pay too much? Vollebroek House Agents will guide you in these matters. We will inform you about the condition of a house, the neighbourhood and the asking price. After that we will enter, together with you, negotiations, advise about resolutive conditions and guide you to the notary. For these services you will pay Vollenbroek House Agents a fixed price instead of the usual percentage of the asking price. Therefore you may rest assured that we will do our utmost for you.

Are we invited to support you, buying a new home? Then you are entitled to expect the following:


Step 1. The information stage

  • First of all, we have an advisory meeting.
  • Together we put together your search profile.
  • We keep you informed of the latest homes all NVM Agents have on offer (you will receive a list of all the house coming available that meets fits your search profile.
  • On your behalf we ask for the brochures/information available.
  • We will accompany you during inspection tours.
  • When necessary we will organise a constructional surveys.

Step 2. Negotiation stage

  • We advise you about the best purchase price.
  • On your behalf we will conduct the negotiations about the price.
  • After consulting you we conclude the purchase of your new home

Step 3. The conclusion stage

  • We assess the contents of the purchase agreement and we advise you on the conditions to be taken into account.
  • You will receive from us the obligatory survey report (this is included in our fee!).
  • We examine the notary deed and the settlement.
  • We inspect the house before the transfer and accompany you to the notary.
  • Any after sale, when necessary.