The reasons why you want to sell may be very diverse. But one thing is for sure: you want to keep a good feeling when selling your home. Of course at the best price possible. That is why we are very careful estimating the value of you home. With thirty years of experience, the current market data and extensive knowledge of the local market we can calculate what your house is likely to yield. And then we can determine the correct asking price. Together with you. Because you will be involved during every step in the process. From inspection tours, through negotiations to the final sale. Because selling and buying does not happen only between nine and five. Your prospective buyers can call on us during the weekends and in the evening.

Are we invited to sell your house? Then you are entitled to expect the following:

1. The presentation

  • We record your home’s information and we make a lot of quality pictures.
  • We advise you about the list of moveable property.
  • In consultation with you we present your home in an attractive flyer.
  • We present your home on the site.
  • We present your home on our own website.
  • Depending on what you like, we place a For Sale sign in your garden or on your housefront.

2. The sales process

  • We advise you about the best sales strategy and fixing of the price, relying on our years of experience.
  • We present your home in our database of house hunters.
  • We present your home to all the house hunters of all other regional NVM House agents.
  • We will guide potential buyers on a tour through your house. When necessary we also do this in the evening or in the weekend.
  • We support with any constructional surveys.
  • On your behalf we do the negotiations and we set as our goal your maximum selling price.
  • We conclude the sale.

3. After closing the deal.

  • We draw up the sale agreement on your behalf and we advise you about the condition that have to be stipulated in this agreement.
  • We organise an appointment with the notary.
  • We will conduct the final inspection of the house for you.
  • We accompany you to the notary when transferring the property.